Criminal Justice Reform

Criminal Justice Reform.jpg

So much of our Criminal Justice system places people of color and low income residents at a disadvantage - we need to prioritize civil rights and civil liberties, treating many issues as public health and safety problems rather than criminalizing people unfairly. Expanding  prisoner reentry programs, stopping the school-to-prison pipeline for minority students, and prioritizing restorative justices practices, are priorities for me and will help shape our criminal justice system to one that is less biased and more equitable. As your state senator I will: 

  1. Treat substance abuse as a public health problem and not a criminal justice problem
  2. Make substance abuse treatment available to all who need it
  3. Continue to build bi-partisan coalitions to "raise the age" and reinstate judicial review for anyone under 18 charged as an adult
  4. Restore community-based funding for prisoner re-entry, connecting returning citizens with access to housing and employment
  5. Improve police training standards to include cultural competency, mental health, and violence de-escalation
  6. Improve conditions in Michigan prisons