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Michigan needs sensible gun safety laws that keep weapons of war on the battlefield and off our streets. High capacity weapons, designed for the modern battlefield, should be strictly regulated to keep them out of the hands of dangerous individuals. As your next state senator, I will:

  1. Propose universal background checks for all gun purchases

  2. Support limits on military-style weapons with high capacity magazines and high rates of fire

  3. Keep guns out of our schools

  4. Restore local gun boards to keep guns out the hands of dangerous individuals

I have been speaking out on behalf of gun sense for years. Here is a sample of that work:

Supporting universal background checks, beginning with cosponsoring the legislation in 2011 and continuing through my third term: Gun Sense Press Conference

Keeping guns out of schools: Fox 2 Let it Rip

Maintaining local checks and balances to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous individuals: Floor speech against loosening gun regulations

jeff is proud to have been named a moms demand action gun sense candidate