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I believe that every person should be able to go to a doctor or get the medicine they need regardless of their financial status. I support a single payer system wherein every person has a universal healthcare benefit and nobody is uninsured or turned away from an inability to pay. I also have fought to improve our healthcare system throughout my service in government. In Washtenaw County as a commissioner, I helped created the Washtenaw Health Plan that, before Obamacare, covered almost 10,000 working people in our community. In state government, I fought hard for Medicaid expansion and the statewide deployment of Healthy Kids Dental. Because of these programs, Michigan's Medicaid expansion is covering over 650,000 working people and Healthy Kids Dental is helping thousands of young people with access to dental care. As your next state senator, I will fight to improve healthcare outcomes and access by:

  1. Mandating family-friendly employment policies for earned sick leave and family leave 
  2. Developing a Michigan Constitutional amendment that facilitates a state-based single-payer plan
  3. Protecting Medicaid expansion and the 650,000 people covered by it
  4. Ensuring equality for women, LGBT residents, and people of color in laws governing essential health benefits and in plans provided by the state
  5. Fighting for continued funding for S-CHIP to ensure that indigent children in Michigan get the federal resources we need
  6. Protecting patients with a safe-staffing ratio to ensure that nursing care meets patient safety standards
  7. Ensuring continued support for Healthy Kids Dental
  8. Protecting Graduate Medical Education
  9. Fighting for mental health parity
  10. Expanding the options for seniors to age in place with capable, in-home care aides

the michigan nurses association is proud to support jeff irwin for state senate