human services

I believe in taking care of our community. Even though anti-poverty programs have lifted millions out of poverty and saved many Americans from crushing destitution and hunger, we still face an endless assault on human service programs. Too many of our neighbors are falling through the cracks. We must stitch the holes in our social safety net.

I know that I can be effective in improving our human service systems, because I've done it. As a state representative, I secured state funding that leveraged $75 per month in additional federal food assistance for 328,000 people. That's $300 million every year to feed people who need a little help. As your next state senator, I will:

  1. Fight for better elder care including:
    1. Supporting residents who want to age in place and the caregivers who help our seniors who want to stay in their home 
    2. Propose laws to protect seniors from financial fraud and physical abuse
  2. Fight back against policies that demonize the poor and vulnerable such as:
    1. Work requirements for medicaid
    2. Asset tests for food assistance
    3. Time limits on health benefits or aid to needy families
  3. Increase funding for and availability of affordable housing by:
    1. Increase funding for affordable housing support through the Michigan State Housing Authority
    2. Demand that MSHDA benefits go to low income residents with stronger affordability clauses and longer limitations on rents
    3. Propose inclusionary zoning authorization for local governments
  4. Support accessibility and assistance for the disabled, including:
    1. Promoting transit
    2. Targeting job placement assistance for disabled individuals
    3. Insisting on accessibility in buildings, especially government buildings