Racial Justice and Civil Rights

I am and have been a longtime fighter for racial justice throughout my time as County Commissioner and State Representative. People of color have been systematically disadvantaged by society and our state's policies, and I support policies that will help this lessen these
disadvantages such as:

1. Supporting Black Lives Matter and other movements advocating for minority community spaces and members.

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2. Ending cash bail. Requiring cash bail swells the ranks of prisons by keeping many low income people in jail for pretrial detention because of a lack of means to pay. This makes them more likely to a commit further crimes leading to cash bail being a primary cause of mass incarceration. Because minorities are more affected by the carceral state, cash bail harms minorities disproportionately.

3. Proposing "Ban the Box" legislation forbidding employers from asking about a criminal history until after an offer of employment. A person who has served their time in prison should not be further discriminated against upon their release in employment and the law should reflect this.

4. Passing legislation making police statistics available to the general public, such as the number of people who die in custody each year as well as the total number of people arrested each year. This law would also include the race of each person arrested so the
public can see how minorities are targeted under current policies.

5. Amending Michigan's emergency manager law which allows unelected officials to exercise administrative control over communities of color.

7. Welcoming more refugees, who will contribute to our states economy and culture.


8. Supporting legislation to forbid ICE from making arrests on government property. ICE is a government agency that routinely violates the civil rights of minority groups in our State and others and whose intention is to strike fear into the heart of immigrant communities everywhere.

9. Passing legislation requiring that state and local law enforcement cannot collaborate with ICE.

10. Extending driver's licenses to undocumented immigrants.