Senior Issues

I will champion issues that are crucial to the well being of seniors in our state. Seniors who anticipate incoming inflation, possible cuts in Social Security and Medicare, are concerned about our fixed income and I support policies to lessen those burdens such as eliminating state taxes on Social Security and other retirement investment.

  1. I voted against the pension tax and signed onto proposals to eliminate it. If re-elected I will continue to support that position. Michigan doesn't tax social security benefits and I would oppose imposing income tax on social security income.
  2. I support making it easier for seniors to get a little help at home. Many people want to age in place and we should make that process easier and make the care more reliable and higher quality. Staying at home, instead of going to a nursing home, is a preferred option for many, gets better results, and is less expensive. But still, the state makes it unnecessarily hard by capping the funding for Medicaid waivers that fund this work. We should streamline the paperwork and increase the pay of home health aides so that we can get more reliable help for our seniors.
  3. I want to prevent financial and physical victimization of seniors. We need a strong attorney general to enforce laws against elder abuse but those laws can also be strengthened.